Wednesday, November 28, 2018

Action Alert: Urge Governor Cuomo to Enact the Small Business Tax Credit!

Action Alert

The bill (A.1369/S.3688) to create a tax credit for small businesses who hire people with disabilities was delivered to the Governor on Monday. He now has 10 days to take action on the bill. Call the Governor today to urge him to enact the small business tax credit!

This type of incentive, geared to small businesses, could go a long way to helping people with disabilities find gainful employment in New York State, and addressing the devastating rates of unemployment and poverty in our community. The NYS Employment First Commission's report included a recommendation to establish a cross-disability tax credit. While other tax credits exist, this particular opportunity is needed for the following reasons: 1) The Workers with Disabilities Tax Credit (WETC) is good for two years and only if you are a consumer of the vocational rehabilitation system seeking entry into the job market, 2) other tax credits are focused on individuals with particular disabilities identifying the need for a cross-disability application, and 3) small businesses are major employers in this state.

ACTION! Call Governor Cuomo TODAY at #518-474-8390. Press 2 to speak with a person.

Say: I am calling to urge Governor Cuomo to sign the small business tax credit bill! The tax credit created by A.1369/S.3688 would create an incentive for small businesses to hire individuals with disabilities, increasing the opportunities for New Yorkers with disabilities to achieve gainful employment and self-sufficiency.

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