Tuesday, May 9, 2017

The End Of Paratransit?

ACTION ALERT in bold white letters on a dark red background

The Clinton County Planning Office is preparing a recommendation to the Clinton County Legislature to ELIMINATE Paratransit services in Clinton County. The plan would instead offer only route deviation services on city fixed routes and expanded rural zone services. A notice of public comment is expected to be posted via legal notice in the next few days. A public meeting will also be scheduled, probably for early June.

We will need EVERYONE to be there. NCCI will explore all possible legal options and we will be involved in advocacy with the Clinton County Legislature to hopefully stop this from happening. Please be prepared to help us by responding to action alerts. We need the whole community to help us fight this.

Above all, please stay alert for new developments, events, and opportunities to comment. Be prepared to tell the County how the loss of Paratransit would affect you and / or your loved ones.

Stay tuned!

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