Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Urge Congress To Vote Against The AHCA!

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​This Action Alert is from the New York Association on Independent Living ...

A little over a week ago, Republicans were unable to pass the American Health Care Act, thanks in large part to your opposition. However, they have decided to take it up again and may vote on it this week! The new version of the AHCA is even worse! It would still gut Medicaid, putting the lives and independence of New Yorkers with disabilities at risk!

In addition to the harmful provisions in the original version of the AHCA, this bill would also eliminate the requirement that insurers charge the same price regardless of health status and would eliminate the requirement that insurers cover a standard minimum benefits package (essential health benefits).

Congress can't pass this bill without virtually all Republicans voting in support. In New York, we can stop this by ensuring that our more moderate Republicans vote no!


Contact your Representative in the House today and tell them to vote no on the American Health Care Act. Dial 844-898-1199 to put in your zip code and get routed to the right Representative.

Talking Points:

- The AHCA changes the way that the federal government funds Medicaid-setting a cap on federal funding instead of paying states based on the actual costs of healthcare. This change cuts 25% (or $880 billion) of Medicaid funding and uses that money to pay for tax cuts for the wealthiest Americans.

- AHCA Per-Capita Medicaid Caps will force States to cut services for people with the most significant disabilities, forcing people into institutions.

- The Community First Choice Option (CFCO) will sunset under AHCA, the major incentive for states to provide community-based services which enable people with disabilities and seniors to live in the community.
The latest Republican repeal effort would gut protections for people with pre-existing conditions, allowing insurance companies to charge them whatever they want.

- It would also let insurance companies deny coverage for basic services such as prescription drugs, doctor visits or maternity care.

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