Monday, December 19, 2016

About Action Alerts

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Every so often, NCCI sends out an Action Alert ... here on this blog, on Facebook and Twitter, and by email.

Action Alerts are announcements of very specific steps we would like you to take to help us achieve some kind of needed change in disability-related policy.

For example:
  • Restore or increase funding for a disability-related program, like independent living centers or home care.
  • Change rules for a disability program to make services better or easier to get, like making it easier for people with disabilities to hire their own personal assistants.
  • Oppose changes in disability policy that would make it harder to get services, maintain equal access, or secure basic civil rights.
Most Action Alerts are about issues happening in New York State. These usually come from the New York Association on Independent Living, a state-wide organization that NCCI is a member of, that coordinates disability issue advocacy among the Independent Living Centers in New York State.

Other Action Alerts may deal with national issues, through national disability organizations like the National Council on Independent Living. And, once in awhile, we will send out an Action Alert about an important disability issue here in the North Country.

Action Alerts usually include:
  1. A brief summary of what we want to happen or not to happen.
  2. Background information on the issue, how it has evolved, and what the stakes are for people with disabilities.
  3. Quick, simple ways that you can make your opinion known to the people responsible for the issue.
Please do take the time to read through Action Alerts when you see them, and respond in the best ways you can. Disability issues are often complex. Policy-makers and elected officials don't always know what works well for people with disabilities and what doesn't. It's always important for citizens to give feedback on important policy matters, but it's even more important for people with disabilities to stay actively involved in issues that are specifically about disability.

Who knows better than people with disabilities what disability policies and programs should look like?

Of course, if you have any questions about Action Alerts, just give us a call or leave a comment. We are happy to discuss any of these issues with you.

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